The Libertarian Vanguard is a publication startup that seeks to resume where the original run (1979-1984) left off. Just as that run was the official voice of that iteration of the LP Radical Caucus, this publication seeks to represent the current iteration of the LP Radical Caucus, its perspectives, and its goals.

The plan is to do this as an independently organized media organization.

The previous Radical Caucus was founded by Bob Costello, Eric Garris, and Justin Raimondo as a cadre of committed, radical libertarians seeking to roll back government at every level.

The current LP Radical Caucus was formed in 2006 by Susan Hogarth, Marc Montoni, and Morey Straus with similar goals in mind. It asserts that utilitarian needs are fully served by natural law, that the overtly stated goal is radical abolition of the injustices and interferences of the State, that the Libertarian Party must operate in a popular political arena, and that no particular order is required for the removal of government programs and structures.