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Saying That Exchange is Theft is Just Plain Wrong

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Did someone build this building exclusively for their own personal use?
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You’ve seen it going viral on Facebook, 4Chan, Twitter, YouTube, DTube, Steemit, Gab.ai, and everywhere else you go: Exchange is Theft. The notion that giving up something you have a lower preference for for something that someone else has a lower preference for is somehow stealing. Or being robbed. Or something.

Do you even have a 15th copy of that widget you built if it wasn’t for the knowledge that other people might want them? Did the person you got that sack of potatoes grow ten times more than she needed if it wasn’t for the knowledge that other people might want them?

Seriously, how else are we supposed to do this? Is this not the core of what it means to be a libertarian or free market? What is a market other than just this scaled up for that matter?

It’s not like the people calling for this want the government to be a middleman for every transaction as they usually claim to be anarchists but seriously. What are they thinking?

Why Did We Invade Panama? Just ‘Cause

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Product of the CIA
Photo: DEA, the organization tasked with hindering the CIA’s competition

In 1989, George H W Bush, disappointed with his drug-running accomplice Noriega, worked on a way to replace him with someone more obedient. This led to Nimrod Dancer and a year or so of manipulation and posturing that led to a shooting war in December. On 3 January 1990 Noriega surrendered, resulting in Bush becoming bored, a situation rectified by convincing his butty Hussein that everything would be fine if he invaded Kuwait.

World Trade Organization Rescinds the Laws of Supply and Demand

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Government-mandated emissions laxity ensuring clear skies over Cleveland
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In an impressive display of nonmarket economy methodology, the signatory nations of the Marrakesh Agreement have agreed to endorse open-ended subsidies, dumping, price freezes, rationing, money printing, state enterprise monopolies, and non-free checking.

“It no longer matters how much our currencies have all devalued. Because we’re all doing it, the cost of a loaf of bread will now remain constant”, a high ranking G7 official said in a televised interview.

Additionally, double-standards are now the established standard for code enforcement, ethics regulations, safety regulations, agricultural regulations, tax enforcement, criminal probes, and book reviews.

In other words, business as usual.

Convention Delegate Promises to Pave Way for Party Hostile Takeover

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Peter Craniac summarized his position. “It’s past time that we got serious about victory and ceded control to a manipulative operative from California who was instrumental in allowing Top Two to get enacted there. Only when we’re a complete doormat for the mainstream parties will we be taken seriously.”


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The button we showed him button clearly read Taxation is Theft.

“How could it possibly be theft”, he asked, “To give to my king what the church says is his?” Our efforts to describe self-ownership and that he himself had the right to own property were only met with additional confusion.

He was also horrified when he was told that not only did France no longer have a monarchy, but what had happened to it. Fortunately for his sanity, he was able to swear his undying and eternal fealty to President Macron.


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Billy Edwards wowed his classmates at Fairfield Union Middle School when he brought a county-party sized bag of Re-Legalize Cocaine, Re-Legalize Heroin, and other anti-drug war buttons to his seventh grade home room’s DARE presentation. By the time the police officer showed up to invite students to anonymously rat out their parents, the entire class was wearing them, making sure he would know exactly how easy an audience he was going to be talking to.